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How to Choose the Best Online Dating App?

Allison Dienstman

Online Dating Editor

With your busy schedule and daily routine, it may feel as though you can hardly devote time and effort to your dwindling love life...

With your busy schedule and daily routine, it may feel as though you can hardly devote time and effort to your dwindling love life. It is understandable, you’re a busy person and you don’t have the energy or the patience to go out, night after night, to that same old bar scene, meet the same old people and use the same old pickup lines, only to find yourself tipsy and alone on your living room couch at 2 am watching reruns of 90’s sitcoms while polishing off your second pint of Rocky Road ice cream.So, what can you do to rejuvenate your love life with your limited amount of available time and attention span??
Dating apps of course!

You may have heard about this new trend in online dating, but have you ever given serious consideration to dating apps? Dating apps are popular for their ease of use, accessibility and free of charge matching services.
These apps are designed to afford online daters the opportunity to review dating profiles, listen to audio messages, or view video messages, from other members, and connect with members who are of interest, all from their mobile or handheld devices, and in a few quick and easy clicks of a button.
But how do you go about choosing the best dating app? The best dating app will be the one that:

Caters to your dating needs

whether you are looking for hookups, a committed relationship, a plethora of diverse dating opportunities, or to date strictly within your own community, your chosen dating app should give answer to your requirements.

Is secure

and ensures the complete privacy of all of its members, as well as screens for fake profiles and for dating trolls.

Is highly reputable

charging no hidden fees or costs from its more naive members.

So, once you have defined your dating needs or requirements, and have a better sense of what it is you are looking for in a dating app, here is a list of the best dating apps 2014 to help you embark on your very own online dating adventure:

1. Mobile App is one of the premier online dating sites, boasting millions of members and a clever, algorithm-based matching system. The site’s mobile app is rated as one of the top dating apps 2014 due to its ease of use, intuitive interface and free downloads.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

An intuitive, fun little mobile app that matches members with other members who are part of their wider social circles. Using your Facebook information, this app will suggest one potential candidate (or a ‘bagel’) a day, and members can decide whether to like or pass on the match. Assuming both parties are interested, the app connects the members directly via chat.

3. OkCupid Mobile App

Favored by millions of users from all across the globe, OkCupid is one of the largest dating sites, using compatibility questionnaires and advanced algorithms to help members find their ideal match. Its free of charge mobile app is favored by members who are looking to manage their online dating profiles and meet new potential matches at any time and from anywhere.

4. Tinder

A free of charge app compatible with all iOS and Android devices,  that allows users to swiftly and easily browse through thousands of online dating profiles of members in their area, and to contact members who they are interested in, assuming those members are likewise interested.

5. Plenty of Fish Mobile App

With an astonishing membership of over 70 million, Plenty of Fish is a well-renowned and popular dating site. Its free of charge mobile app, fully compatible with Android and iOS devices, allows users to date on the go, and to find potential matches in their direct vicinity with the press of a button.